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Company Message

Oasis Of Light extends a warm welcome to all who join us at various locations around the North East ~ 

Wherever we are know that...........

We Always Create A Wonderful OASIS To Be "Just Be"

Overflowing with " Love Joy & Compassion"

Exciting Times, filled with Nourishing Awareness and Enlightenment are ahead, Safe and Secure within a Never Ending Fountain of Healing Energy and Thirst Quenching Light

Oasis Of Light believes we are Blessed to be Living on Our Extra Special Mother Earth within this Extra Precious Moment In Time

And NOW IS THE TIME to Truly Awaken Our True Spiritual Self And Share Our Gifts and Knowledge Once Again
From Our Source ~ Where Only Pure Love Exists

Set Yourself Free and Join the FREE SPIRITS of the Universe

Embrace and Enjoy Your Journey

Christine is a Spiritual Medium / Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Adult Meditation Teacher & Facilitator / Professional Tutor for Children's Mindfulness Meditation, Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Therapist, Access Conciousness Practitioner

Co Founder & Co Director of World Peace Tyneside CIC

We are the Light ~ Rejoice

We are the Flame ~ Rejoice

We are in Union with the Same ~ Rejoice

Love like you have never Loved before

Let Go ~ Loosen Your Grip on the Illusion Before You

It serves No Purpose but to Destroy Your Inner Voice ~ Your Truth

Believe In Yourselves ~ Invest In Yourselves because You Are Light

Sever Ties With All That Serves Not For The Highest Good

Courage and Strength Will Be Yours to Hold and March Forward With The Army Of Love

With Divine Love


Channeled through Christine

June 2012 

Who Am I

I Am You

I Am a Being Of Violet Fire

I Am A Being Of Rainbow Light

I Flow with the Rivers and Blend with the Seas and Oceans

Into the Cauldron of Love

I Fly With the Wind and Grow with the Earth

Evolving to Fruition of the Greatness of All That Is and All That Will Be

My Journey Is Vast and Now is the Time to Share it with Thee

I Am The One I Have Been Waiting For

Let It Be ~ Just Be 

Channeled through Christine

December 2013


 Listen To The Children

To Hear The Universe Speak

Look To The Children

To See The Place Where Pure Love Resides

Learn From The Children

And Feel Your Heart Uplift

As You Witness Divine Light

Shining From Eyes Reflecting

The Divine Within

Channeled through Christine

Oasis Of Light - December 2014