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Therapy informaion and explanation is listed below..... 

Karuna Reiki ~ Energy Healing

" 50 mins

Angelic Reiki & Angel Card Reading

" 50 mins

Indian Head Massage

" 50 mins

Back~Neck~Shoulder~Face Massage

" 30 mins

Spiritual Medium Consultation

" 30 mins

Colour & Light Therapy with Indian Head Massage

" 50 mins

Colour & Light Therapy with Reiki

" 50 mins

Colour & Light Therapy

" 50 mins

Spiritual Medium Consultation & Relaxing Guided 1-1 Meditation

" 60 mins

Guided 1-1 Meditation to help you Relax & De-Stress & Uplift You Into Well-Being + Receive one of my Meditation CD's to take home with you.

" 40 mins

Energy Rebalance~ I Tune In To YOU and Create A Unique Combination of Therapies & Help Tune YOU Up into Balance & Well-Being

" 60 mins

Call me to arrange your appointment... Christine 07817 289 535.

A Warm and Friendly Welcome is Assured as well as client

confidentiality, privacy and comfort.

What is Reiki ? … What are the health benefits ?

Reiki is an ancient form of touch healing originating in the Buddhist traditions of the East. It was rediscovered in the early 20thcentury by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist and scholar who developed the method into a complete practical healing system which can be used on yourself, other people, animals or plants.

Reiki is a gentle, safe, non invasive healing technique to balance energy, that can be used on situations or on physical or emotional ills and can be a useful pick-me-up tonic for those in stressful jobs, or those with nothing wrong at all.

Reiki naturally activates the bodies own natural ability to release blockages, toxins and suppressed emotions in order to restore health and balance and may prove beneficial and stabilising for mental health conditions, it may also assist with the recovery from addiction to alcohol, smoking or other addictive drugs. 

Reiki is an extremely relaxing and calming, effective for stress reduction, pain management, speeding up wound healing time, lowering blood pressure, general boost for depression sufferers. It can boost the immune system, reducing the risks of colds, flu and other bugs, can be used to purify food and to strengthen the intended results of medication and supplements.

Reiki has been known to speed up the recovery of broken bones, and to increase the recovery rate of stroke and heart attack victims.



KARUNA is a SANSKRIT word that means compassionate action and this is not an ordinary kind of compassion, it is the one, that comes from an unbounded sea of love. This is the kind of compassion that when combined with wisdomcan take one to enlightenment. And once enlightened, all those who have followed this path are compelled by the great love that has grown in their hearts to turn their attention toward reducing suffering and helping others to become enlightened also.

KARUNA REIKI brings in healing energies that are noticeably stronger and to heal a wider range of difficulties more quickly.

The KARUNA REIKI System was developed by William Lee Rand and other healers at the International Centre For Reiki Training. 


Angelic Reiki is a natural, safe, multi dimensional, high frequency system of Angelic Healing and consciousness expansion that connects through the Angelic Kingdom of Light direct to the energy of your Soul bringing powerful healing to you. 

Angelic Reiki brings one of the highest forms of healing directly through the Angelic Kingdom of Light to individuals, groups and the planet.Angelic Reiki treatment facilitates therapeutic change as appropriate for each individual, focusing powerfully on the root cause. Each person therefore experiences a unique response to the Divine vibration. Any condition can benefit from Angelic Reiki.

What Happens Next ?

A medical and lifestyle history is taken during the first consultation and enough time is allowed at the start of each treatment for the you to discuss, if you wish, whatever is troubling you.

You then lie down on the therapy bed, fully clothed as I talk you through a brief relaxation technique. I then create a healing vortex and I gently place my hands on your body [always appropriately].

The highest vibration of healing energy that is in perfect alignment is then channelled to you from a neutral space. When healing with Angelic Reiki is instigated both you and myself receive a beautiful vibration wave of Soul energy. 

Angels, Archangels and / or Ascended Masters then reach into the past to heal all memories of suffering. Your old thought-forms not in tune with the Divine Vibration become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration. Every treatment is unique and what you may feel, see, sense varies considerably and may be beyond words for you to fully describe.

At the end of each treatment we will discuss what we have both experienced and I will pass on any Angelic Guidance I have received for you.

After the treatment, healing continues to be absorbed and can take three weeks or longer to fully integrate the Angelic Healing energies.

Potential Benefits...

*Re-establishment of homeostasis [natural balance] * Release of emotional blocks * Relief of tension, anxiety and stress * Healing on different levels and relief of pain * Healing of past trauma and abuse * Increased ability to respond in a more calm way to life events * A sense of inner peace and deep relaxation * Greater clarity, healthier perspective / heightened perception and alertness * Closer inner wisdom connection * Sleep improvement * Immune system stimulation accelerating natural healing * Cleansing of toxins / impurities and improved circulation * Re-establishment of harmonious flow of energy and balancing of the body’s chakras * Feeling re-energised, refreshed, rejuvenated and re-empowered * greater insight into underlying causes of dis-ease.

Clients have reported feeling lighter, more positive and have more energy. In some cases feeling immediate relief from emotional and physical problems.

What Is Indian Head Massage ?

Good health depends on balanced energy. This energy called chi or ski in oriental medicine, or prana in Indian tradition, is the life force itself. It permeates our bodies and every thing in the Universe. When our energy is unbalanced we may feel unbalanced, mildly irritable, out of sorts and even seriously unwell.

Using traditional, ancient massage movements and techniques, Indian Head massage provides a simple and effective way to rebalance our energies and clear away any areas of negativity, easing and even preventing many illnesses.

What are the benefits ?

Life energy flows within us and by working on the channels it flows through, or specific points or areas, this energy can be brought into balance

Head massage also affects the pulsing rhythms cerebrospinal fluid, carrying healing messages around the body and stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Tension in the muscles is released, dispersing toxins, reducing mental and physical stress and improving blood flow to the brain.


The Eyes Are the Windows of the Soul

Colour therapy is simply the therapy of using colour to heal, and all systems of healing depend on colour.

Colour is needed for a chemical action to take place in the body. Detox, exercise, massage, manipulation, saunas etc. depend on colour for chemical change and by introducing colour to our bodies and energy field, we are using natural energy that will facilitate our body’s ability to eliminate waste and congestion. In addition these same colours can repair almost every form of damage due to illness or injury.

The endocrine system reacts a certain way to different colours, when we see the colour it registers in our brain and our brain sends out a chemical messenger [neurotransmitter] for certain hormonal response from the appropriate endocrine gland which then secretes one or more hormones directly into the blood stream

Although the seven main chakras work mainly with the endocrine glands, they do influence the organs, muscles and bone lying within their path by relaying a colour frequency to them. We could call these chakras, electromagnetic energy centres. colour stimulates the chakras. 

Benefits Of Colour 4 U

Colour is essential to the growth of all life forms and is one of the greatest gifts ever given to us, it heals, soothes and is therapeutic, having a powerful influence on health and well being.

Colour can maintain vibrations of the body, as our bodies have their own inner vibrations.

Colour can make new inroads to health, releasing us from daily stresses, strains, tensions, tired eyes, dyslexia, hyperactivity, to have a more constructive way of living.  

Colour stimulates our Chakras and improves our Aura and moods.  

What is Colour Light Therapy? 

Colour Light Therapyis a system where coloured light is used for example via a Light Box to treat disease and disorder.

When exposed to light, such as daylight, humans are affected in a variety of different ways, and that we respond to the light’s magnetic radiation. White light is actually made up of wavelengths which are perceived by the brain as colours. 

It is believed that every cell and organ in the body vibrates at a particular frequency and so do colours, and by identifying which colours are needed by the body to regain balance and well-being, and by subjecting the body to that particular colour light source, the colour helps empower healing to take place. 

What to expect when you have Colour Light Therapy

You will be asked a series of questions regarding your medical history and questions will be asked about your lifestyle too. These include questions of diet, exercise, alcohol intake, if you smoke and so on.

In order to decide on which colours you need for the treatment you will normally be asked about which colours you are naturally drawn to. An assessment will take place as to which colour[s] you need,

The colour(s) you ‘need’ can be applied in a variety of different ways.

You normally keep your clothes on for colour therapy treatments, with the treatment requiring you to sit or lie in a darkened room in front of a Light Box that emits coloured light.

You will have “therapist” chosen lengths of coloured pure cotton draped over you while you lie down.

You will also choose up to 3 colour filtered glasses to wear throughout the treatment.

With all the above methods, you will not only receive the colour you need but also its complementary colour too, this ensures a balance within your body.

Each visit will last up to an hour with your first visit always taking longer because of the consultation questions about health and lifestyle. The number of sessions you need is for you and the therapist to discuss.


A Spiritual Medium connects you to life beyond the Earth plane.

A Spiritual Medium serves as a conduit / pure vessel / bridge between the physical world and the spirit world. 

A Spiritual Medium becomes the voice of Spirit 

A Spiritual Medium is someone who has the ability to connect with people who have left the Earth dimension and returned back to the Spirit dimension. This is a gift being able to communicate direct with Spirit, and then bringing the gift back for you, to know beyond doubt that death is not final and that your loved ones are indeed very much alive in their Spirit body.

What makes a Spiritual Medium different from other types of readings ?

In a Spiritual Medium reading a great amount of information comes through, they will know about things that no one else could know. Spirit come knowing about how you are feeling, your most pressing concerns and worries, they come to reassure, guide, uplift, to let you know that they are with you and surround you with their love and light, because death is not heavy, it is light and full of love, death is not final, it’s not the end of connections, death is not bad, it’s just a transition. 

A Spiritual Medium can help to bring healing into your heart and life. Death does not always bring closure. Sometimes loved ones depart with things left unsaid and conflicts can also go unresolved, which can lead to being a life time of questions, if’s and buts, guilt, forgiveness etc. 

A Spiritual Medium can help to bring closure and release you from unnecessary torture.

Our loved ones in Spirit can see and know the bigger picture, they are aware of the reasons why we experience what we do and are wanting to help us to live our lives for the best life, in happiness, love and peace and are often our guiding light.

A Spiritual Medium can help you feel the unconditional love that comes from those who love you beyond words, beyond worlds.

I AM a Spiritual Medium who is in service to the Divine Source of all that IS Love & Light. I am here to help you to find Inner Peace ~ To bring to you, with the deepest of care and compassion, the voice of Spirit, with the purest of love to wrap around you, as they hold you close and feel their presence.


Softly Softly


Before You Think

Soften Your Thoughts

Before You Look

Soften your Eyes

Before You Speak

Soften Your Lips

Before You Give Your Heart

Melt Your Soul

Into The Sea Of Love



Oasis Of Light 

Building Bridges 4 Better Health Better Life